Ramon Middelkoop was inspired for his product by the history of the brick factories in the IJssel valley. IJsselsteentjes are small bricks that have been made since 1500 in brick factories along the IJssel. Clay from the floodplains was used as raw material. You could say that every IJsselsteentje is a piece of the IJsselvallei that is perhaps 400 years old.

By milling small pieces of landscape from this antique material, all kinds of small cracks, fossils and hollow spaces are exposed. You can also clearly see that the clay has been pressed together by hand. The idea that such a stone was formed by hand hundreds of years ago by someone from the IJssel valley appeals even more to the imagination. The modern IJsselsteentjes bring times long past together with our time. In a modern way, the stones are machined out computer-controlled and they regain meaning for now.

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