Towel Timer


A kitchen paper towel holder and a kitchen timer in one, these are the product features that distinguish our Towel Timer when compared to all other kitchen paper towel holders. Towel Timer is a stylish kitchen paper towel holder with an integrated kitchen timer. The kitchen timer can be accurately set to the minute. Thanks to the clear position of the kitchen timer the remaining cooking time is always visible from across the whole kitchen at a glance. Additionally Towel Timer saves a lot of space on a worktop due to its vertical design. With Towel Timer both the kitchen paper towel and the kitchen timer are always within easy reach while preparing a dish. The kitchen timer can be set with just one hand. That easy! Towel Timer is suitable for kitchen paper towel rolls with a maximum height of 240 mm and a diameter of 130 mm. The weight of the base gives Towel Timer stability, the raised ridge on the topside of the base prevents the kitchen paper towel roll from unrolling. Towel Timer is manufactured from the highest quality synthetic materials combined with a mechanical kitchen timer. Towel Timer is available in two color combinations: anthracite/ off-white/ light blue or light gray/ off-white/ light blue.

Design by Koens & Middelkoop Design for Royal VKB.

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